Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring / Easter Nook Reveal

Hello "peeps", corny I know, but it seemed appropriate (and who doesn't love Peeps)! I worked on my Easter/Spring d├ęcor this week, and finished some up to show you guys. I love all the beautiful blooming colors during this time of year. Its a nice feeling knowing warm weather is heading in....minus the allergy problem Spring gives me, but we wont worry with that yet....hopefully. Here's you a peek at my kitchen nook all styled up for Easter!
Kitchen table....
I used a hurricane vase filled with rocks, moss and twigs. For a touch of Spring, I added in a small nest and speckled eggs, one of my fav's.
This salt and pepper set came from Antique Farmhouse last year. We use these as
our everyday set, they're just too cute! The table runner came from Marshall's.
I found these sweet bunny ear napkin rings at Joann Fabrics.
I added some of my china pieces and some more speckled eggs. I LOVE these egg holders, I believe I'll have to find somewhere to use them year around as well!

Onto the hutch......

Can you guys believe this super cute fabric banner is from Target? I got it for a steal at $6!

Couldn't go without a nest.

I then added more moss and a precious gingham bunny purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I almost died when my eyes spotted these cute fuzzy birds, also from Hobby Lobby.
There you go friends! What do you think? I hope you enjoy Spring as much as I do. Yay for warmer days ahead! Don't forget to comment! Thank you for visiting my
little ole' blog and sharing your time with me.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Printing Your Own Artwork

Where does the time go? I owe you guys a super duper major apology for leaving you hanging this long, promise it won't happen again! I have thought about you everyday if that helps with the forgiving me part.
I love botanicals, not because they are "the thing" right now, but because they are simple artwork with no fuss or huge amounts of color. I've said it before, I do like color but only where "I" want it. I get sick of lots of color, so I've learned to keep large pieces I can enjoy them longer. There are tons of free printable artwork on Google, if you weren't aware check it out, you'll be extremely surprised at the quality.  I printed some botanicals last week and wanted to share them with you all and hopefully inspire you to create some cheap art as well.

I added these to the living room on either side of the armoire. I love the natural feel they give. How cheap were they you ask? 6 for $24! Whoop Whoop! I found the frames at Wal-Mart for $4 each.

I printed these bird inspired prints off Google and added them to Mr. T's side of the bed as well.
I also wanted to show you my living room curio finally full of pretties. I found this ship at Burke's Outlet ( a mini Marshalls) last week, I didn't buy it during my first trip...but decided to go ahead on the second trip knowing I could return it if it didn't work, plus with a Burke's Card on Fridays you get 15% off if your under 50. I LOVED it after I placed it in its new home. What do you think?
Thank you all for sharing your time with me! Be back soon!
P.S. You can see a preview of my new living room curtains as well! I'll share those soon ;)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day Friends! I sure hope you all are having a
wonderful day!'s Friday Yay!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Kitchen Accessories

Today, I'm super in love with my new kitchen rug! I saw this beauty at Southern Vintage (blogged about here ) back in the fall, and every trip after that I had to practice self control, because I had just purchased a kitchen rug, but I always needed wanted "that" rug. Sadly, they had their final sale this weekend and closed shop. Hopefully, they're just moving to a smaller building and not really closing for good. We all know when a shop is closing there are usually good sales. I was so excited on the way there, and hoped "my" rug was still available, and to my surprise it was! I quickly snatched it up before anyone else could even ponder the thought of using her in their home.
It was love at first sight! I was worried about my 70's cabinet color against the jute, but decided love overpowered worry, and went with it anyway. Hopefully, one day I'll paint my cabinets white.
I love the swirl design and the natural feel it has. It's a keeper!
I'm sure you know what happened next, my new rug got me inspired to change up a few more things. I also found these super cute striped hand towels at Home Goods this weekend.
Of course, I had to explain to all the men in my house they're really off limits.
And, finally Target had (2) clear canisters, so I brought them home with me as well to store flour and sugar. I originally had stainless steel canisters, but those were leaving rust rings on my counter tops.
I'm using teacups that match my china as scoops, which I also
 have displayed in my kitchen hutch here.
I'm off work the rest of the week (Yaaaay) and aim to get lots done to show you guys! Thank you so much for stopping by, and don't forget to let me know what you think!
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sentimental Kitchen Art & Amazing Carpet Cleaner

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had an excellent weekend! I worked on a few projects myself, when I had some spare time, and thought I would share. First off, our home was built in the 70's, it's in great shape and I love the openness we have, but it just needs some "cosmetic" updates. The original owners had a massive old brown stove that we replaced with our own white flat top. So, naturally the range hood is brown as well, but one thing I had never seen was this brown metal panel splash guard. I've hated the brown since I laid eyes on it.
Yuck! After a year of looking at it, its time was up. I will be painting that range hood soon as well.
Much better! The hood is wider than my stove, so I used the stove for my measurements
instead of the hood to center my art.

For the art, I  bought cheap 4x6 wood frames, and sprayed them with Krylon spray paint.

I sanded down the edges and high points, then dry brushed some gray craft paint over them for an aged look. I cut some scrapbook paper to size, and taped hand written recipes from my Grandmother and Aunt (both which raised me), and hung them up! These make my heart smile.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Love" In The Kitchen

Are you guys ready for Valentine's Day? I can't believe it's less than a month away already! I decided since I don't have a lovely mantel to deck out, I'd decorate my kitchen hutch and table instead. I love decorating for each holiday, it's so fun....and way easier than Christmas decorating.
The sun was shining super bright this morning. (Sorry for the glare)

I added this "Love Letter" mailbox and stuffed it with tissue paper and some glittery hearts. Maybe my hubby will use it....

Little E couldn't hardly wait till I was finished taking pictures so he could eat these yummy cookies. I love my milk glass cake stand, it was used for my wedding cake ;) 

An old stainless steel measuring cup holds some Sweethearts.

 I made both the "Be Mine" burlap bunting and pom-pom garland last year, and loved them so much I had to repeat the cuties. I made the "XOXO" with 2x4's spray painted white, then stenciled the letters on with craft paint.

You can't tell in the picture, but this cake stand is actually pink. I covered it in heart shaped red velvet rose petals, chocolate candy hearts, and some wooden hearts. The polka dot bands on the candles is actually tissue paper ;)

I cut some bead necklaces and laid them out around the table for a bit of sparkle.

I wrapped my existing napkin rings in the same polka dot tissue paper, and placed them atop some simple white plates and  rhinestone edged chargers. A little vintage touch was added with some playing cards, hearts of course.

If you look close you can tell the wine glasses are pink as well. (Also an item used at my wedding)

Hope Cupid is sweet to you guys! Thank you so much for stopping by,
don't forget to leave me a comment!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

I've used Chalk Paint on many pieces in my home, and have been very pleased with the outcome. I especially love that there's no prep work required to use it! I hate having to pre-sand a piece before I can dig in and transform it with a new paint job! I wanted to share
 with you guys the recipe I use on my pieces.
1 C Latex Paint (Primer can NOT be used)
2 T Non-Sanded Grout
Mix grout with water, a little bit at a time until you get a smooth consistency (like peanut butter). Once the grout is mixed well, add in the paint and stir, stir, stir!
A little goes a long way. The above recipe was enough to paint my kitchen table base. I've never personally tried it but, I've read you can use craft paint as well.
Here are a few items around my house I've used Chalk Paint on:



Even a basket!
Happy Painting!
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