Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Southern Vintage Visit (Beware: Picture Overload)

I thought I would share with you all a pretty awesome vintage/antique store I visited this weekend called Southern Vintage. All I can say is this shop has been amazingly staged. The walls are covered in barn wood and tin roof. There are rusty gears hanging from the ceiling, and grand entrances everywhere! I've been a few times now and am always inspired when I leave, plus the girls there are super friendly. I of course asked permission before photographing (almost the entire store), and as usual they were willing to help.
Get ready for rust, chippy paint, character, and lots of Oooo's & Ahhh's!
Clever vignettes everywhere!
 I love this cast iron sink!

The more rust the better!


Barn wood flooring, who wouldn't want this in their home??

A "sweet" cabinet candy display!

Had to fight the urge to run and slide down this vintage metal beauty!


Thankful for household irons......

LOVE this cabinet!

I have an obsession with shoe forms...

I could take a nap here!
Hope you enjoyed! Check out the SV Facebook page linked below, and be sure to "like" it while your there!
Thank you for visiting!


  1. This is the neatest place! I cant wait for us to take a trip back. And maybe have more time to look around lol

  2. Replies
    1. You would love SV, you really should visit!