Thursday, November 7, 2013

Farmy Window Treatment

Hello all! I've been a busy bee this past week catching up on lots of projects, I tend to procrastinate sometimes! Doesn't it feel great to get work accomplished? I wanted to share with you one of my finished projects. I've thrown around the idea of building shutters to replace my kitchen curtain panels, but was a little intimidated at the amount of work I was sure it would take. I followed the plans linked here, but tweaked them to fit my window. Not hard at all!
I used 1" furring boards in 4" and 6" widths and created 4 separate sections (2 per side), and attached the planks together by screwing them to 1" boards across the top and bottom. I didn't want all of the screws to show so I attached the middle planks from the back, just to keep it a little bit cleaner. Since my cabinets are stained, I decided to spray paint the shutters in a matte white spray paint on both sides (I triple coated the fronts and single coated the backs). Sure didn't want to leave the backs looking like we had boarded up our window, may have stirred the neighbors.
I like to use a cheap plastic tarp this time of year while spray painting, since it'll be a few months until mowing season. Sure not complaining about that!

This baby is super handy and saves my pointer fingers! If you do a good amount of painting, I recommend you purchase one.
I purchased my hinges at Home Depot and my knobs 70% off at Hobby Lobby. Woot Woot!

A better look at the sweet glass knobs! I played it safe due to the fact that I change my mind if there's too much detail/color involved! I attached the knobs by simply predrilling a hole and attaching the supplied nut to the back.

I laid 2 sections back to back and attached them together with the small 1" hinges.

Here they are! I snapped this picture early this morning, trying to beat the beaming sun. I have plans to add hanging mason jars from the hooks on either side as well. I will happily show you guys that look as soon as I get it ready!

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Thursday!

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    1. Thanks! I'm still getting used to them, and happy I chose shutters.

  2. I have a "pass through" between my kitchen and dining room. Unfortunately, the opening is right over my kitchen sink so while it is convenient when serving or cleaning off the dining room table, it is ugly when I have guests. I have been thinking about shutters to block the view. I love how yours turned out. I think I can do it!

    1. That's a great idea Suzan, you could even build 2 sets! My shutters are far from perfect, but I love them just the same. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. so cute…very clever…nice to be hopping by your blog…going back to look around some more…please stop by mine too…have a great day!…Mariaelena

    1. Thank so much, I will definitely check out your blog!