Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vintage Clothespin Wreath

Well Hello! Did you guys think I had forgotten about you? I could so never do that! You all know how busy the Holidays get, I took that time to relax and gather some exciting DIY ideas to share. Today, I made a super cute vintage clothespin wreath that I want to share with you. I'll admit, I'm swooning every time I pass by...... maybe it's why the laundry's caught up ;)
Told ya, love it! This window hangs opposite my back entrance door which is in the laundry hall. I call it a hall since it doesn't have a door, and runs parallel to the kitchen. Naturally, clothespins seemed like a good idea!

I got all of these supplies @ Hobby Lobby totaling $12, too bad the excitement couldn't wait for 40% off. Not too shabby for such a statement wreath. Of course, the branch was from my own yard so it was free. 

I hot glued 49 clothespins to the inside ring of the hoop, getting 
them as close as I could to each other.

I made sure they were centered as much as possible. Sorry, my workspace is
usually a mess while I craft!
When I got to the last 2, I had to space those out a little more than the rest, since there wasn't enough room for a 3rd. I decided that was where I would hang the wreath from, the ribbon hid the space just fine. When it was all good and dry, I stained the entire piece with Minwax Special Walnut stain. FYI...I know this is asking a lot if your impatient like me, but I suggest staining everything before assembly, and letting it completely dry. I came home to 4 clothespins in the floor, who new stain would eat thru hot glue? Lesson learned!

I simply hung the branch with twine from small nails, and attached the burlap ribbon knot with a nail to the top of the window as well.

I've always liked chevron, but not enough to use it on big pieces. So, I used this as my time to contribute to the chevron universe!

One more look at the cutie!
I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season, stay tuned for lots of posts coming up!
Happy New Year!
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  1. This is amazing! I really love it!

  2. I think the branch,chevron,wreath and window all come together nicely. I think its awsome.

  3. Too cute Charity! Would also be pretty whitewashed or paint one a deep red for Christmas.

  4. That's very cute! Very appropriate to go near a laundry room too. I would've never known that stain would've affected the glue either.

    1. Thanks Kelly, and I guess at least now we know for future projects! I wound up reattaching a few up to 3 times, even after drying overnight.

  5. I love how dark the clothes pins turned out and I really love the branch it is hanging on.
    Very rustic indeed.
    Visiting from Common Ground.

    1. Thank you so much Michele, I'm loving it! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!