Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Guest Bathroom Update

Hello all! I'm excited to share with you guys my newly painted and refreshed guest bath. We've lived in our house for a year now and every room needed to be repainted, so far the only rooms I've finished are the bathrooms. I injured my knee last Christmas and just haven't been able to climb much, so its been a slow go on painting. But, hopefully I'm close enough to recovery to start painting more soon.


The whole house was painted the same creamy tan color. I've always loved the tile color, but the paint choice just made it look dated. Not sure why I cared to watermark these....surely no one would want these pictures as their own ;)


I chose a simple white, even though it required more work I am so glad I did. I just love how the crisp white updated the whole look of the room.
I also love how the natural colored baskets look against the new wall color.

"Rules for the bathroom", since this is the bathroom the boys use..... I also added some simple candle sticks and a metal gear.

The curtains are a table cloth turned window treatment found at Marshalls. Herringbone is one of my favorites and the blue stripes play well with the robins egg blue tile.

I found this chippy shadow box also at Marshalls (Can you tell I shop Marshalls often?) and added a collection of skeleton keys.

I like using rustic ladders while decorating. I assure you that towel didn't make it back on the ladder after these shots...boys will be boys, right?
There are still a few updates to be made to this room. I would like to add a shower since there is only a cast iron tub, and as soon as it warms up enough to spray paint, I'm updating the gold curtain rod with some ORB. And one day, hopefully some new flooring, until then I will love what I have.
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