Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Sweet Nature Craft

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, it always seems to go by so quickly. I believe fall is finally here in East Tennessee, temps have been in the 40's the past few nights. Brrrr! I worked on a cute little craft this weekend with two dear friends of mine and thought I would share it with you guys. All you need for this craft is: Felt, scissors, needle and thread, cotton balls, acorn tops, a standard mason jar lid, and glue.  
Felted Acorns!

These are super easy to make! Simply cut out felt circles in any color you wish, I used a standard mason jar lid as my size guide. With a needle and thread (any color, it doesn't show) stitch all the way around the circle about 1/4" from the outside edge. The stitching doesn't have to be really close, just maybe 8-10 long stitches.
As the stuffing I used a cotton ball, another option would be poly fill. With the needle and thread still attached, pull the thread tightly to gather the circle up together. At this point I just did a few stitches to keep it all closed up together.
Don't worry about the looks of your stitching at this point, it will all be hidden by the top. As you can tell mine looks pretty.........scary! Oh well, it gets the job done. Your almost finished!
Put some craft glue in an acorn top and simply press the threaded side into the top and hold it there for about 10 seconds. I allowed mine about 20 minutes to dry before handling too much. Check back occasionally to make sure they don't come unglued while waiting. These are great bowl and dish fillers!
There you have it friends Easy Peasy! My friends and I shared lots of laughs and ideas while making these sweet acorns. Hope you all have a great work week and stay warm!
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