Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kitchen Table Made Pretty

Hey there! I thought I would share with you guys how I prettied up my kitchen table recently. I simply attached the new top to the existing base I already had. I failed to take pictures during the process. The base already had pre-drilled holes for the screws. So, all I had to do was attach the top boards together with 1x3 wooden brackets to hold them tightly together. Its a super simple process, the only tools I used were a miter saw and an electric drill.

Here is the table before, I know I know, its a TERRIBLE picture! At the time I wasn't sure I was going to start a blog so......sorry bear with me! The entire table was painted black before I bought it, and worked for a while until I changed my mind , which I usually rarely do..... ;)


I painted the legs and apron a light duck egg blue with homemade chalk paint (I'll share the recipe in a later post). I used 2x6's for the top, cut to 3 ft. in length and sanded to smooth. I had to use 5 pieces to make sure it was wide know how lumber is never the width it says!

I haven't decided on stain yet....I am strangely liking the raw wood. I like the base color with the raw wood combination. Looks all "farmyfied"! Now since the table is finished, I have a new project.....paint some chairs that I have had stored in my garage for oh....10 months or so. We always use our dining table. Guess I'll just have to move those babies up the list of to-do's.  
What do you guys think, white chairs?
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  1. i love it without stain...i'm thinking yes with white chairs lol Love it!!

  2. You could do floor length slip covers tied in the back for a shabby chic look.

    1. I did think of that plus it would save me some "painting time"!