Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pretty DIY Lamp Shades

My living room lamp shades were feeling kinda blah, they were feeling too matchy next to the curtains. They're fairly new, so they really didn't "need" to be replaced, I just wanted to pretty up what I had. I've seen lots of lamp shade redo's on Pinterest, from scrapbook paper to fabric, even pre-made sleeves that fit right over what you have. I chose fabric to reach the cozy look I was going for, and since the closest store to purchase fabric is about 30 minutes from home (I told you guys I'm impatient when I get a good idea), I decided to get creative....pillow cases!

Plain and boring....I know...
 I wanted to keep it neutral, and what's more neutral than white? I cut my pillow cases open length wise and also across the closed end so I could get the most out of my fabric. Then I made snips in the ends as a guide, and tore the fabric the rest of the way into 2-3" wide strips.
I then wrapped the fabric strips around the shade overlapping each piece as shown and tied a double
knot on the inside of the shade. ( I did this project at my dear friends art shop....if your wondering why there's still Christmas d├ęcor out...she's running a sale)
I left the fabric loose enough so I could slide the knots down far enough to keep them hidden when the shade is placed on the lamp base.
After I worked my way around covering the entire shade, I decided to add a little cuteness,
and tie a few knots on the outside of the shade.

 I love how they turned out! I used 4 king size polyester pillow cases total, which equaled $10..way cheaper than buying new ones. Plus they're one of a kind, and I'm all about that!
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  1. I will be doing this with mine! Lots of projects to do in the near future!

  2. That's such an innovative idea to cover your shades with fabric like that. Very pretty!

  3. Love this too…great idea!…welcome to blogging…