Friday, December 20, 2013

Empty Stocking Fund Charity

Today E, a sweet friend of mine, and myself volunteered @ News Sentinel Empty Stocking Fund. This was mine and Little E's first time helping at this organization. I can't explain the amazing feeling I had when I saw the 1,000+ food boxes in rows, waiting to be delivered to needy families in the Knoxville area. It was such an amazing experience to know you were helping families have a better holiday. You can learn much more about this organization *here*. I wanted to share with you guys some photos I took while there.
Can you believe these food baskets! Amazing, and sad at the same time. Sad that this doesn't even touch the amount of families in need all over the world. Very overwhelming...
This is a third of the toys ready to make some sweet children happy.
Lots of books!

We also worked on lots of cards (roughly 600) for the homebound recipients.

A few of my cards.......

and some of Little E's cards. He loves the SpongeBob card best!
I'll always remember this experience and I hope E does too. Sometimes we all need a reality check, since giving is one of life's meanings. Hope your inspired!
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