Friday, November 15, 2013

Hang Your Coat Here.....

Hey friends, I finally finished up a coat shelf for my cousin Jordan, and thought you all may want to see the beauty. Jordan and I went shopping a while back searching for pretty knobs/hooks for a shelf she wanted at her entry. We lucked up at Hobby Lobby, of course, they have tons of super pretty knobs, and if your lucky enough you can find them 40% off. So, she pretty much let me have the reigns at designing the piece, as long as it was chunky, white, and used the knobs she found. I decided to go pretty simple on the style with clean lines, to keep it in line with her living room d├ęcor.

I started with some old wood I had stored in my garage with lots of character, cut it all to the needed sizes and I didn't even have to sand it! Yaaaay! That's my least favorite part of building and DIY! If your wondering about my work station, yes, I did assemble this all on my dining room table. But, my table is made of barn wood which is aged and basically non destructible, plus it was super cold out!

I then used my handy pocket hole jig kit to attach all the pieces together neatly. This was my first time using this tool. I drilled 3 sets of 2 pocket holes on the back of the base to attach the top to, then a set of 2 on each end to attach the end pieces. If you don't have a jig kit, this tool is a dream to keep projects looking neat without showing the hardware used, and it makes everything super tight. I purchased mine at Home Depot for around $40 and it's very much worth it!

Here is a closer picture of the pocket holes attaching the top to the base.

To add the knobs I simply measured out and pre drilled holes where needed. I dry brushed the entire shelf with white craft paint, using a sponge brush, and screwed my knobs in when dry! 
It's hard to tell size by this photo, but this shelf is 36"x12", and boy is it heavy! I threatened to keep the lovely, and do you believe Jordan said I couldn't?
Here are you some close up views of the cute knobs....

Don't you just love a pretty crystal knob?

I will be receiving a picture of the shelf in it's new home soon (even though I think it would have looked nice in my entry), and will add that picture for you all as soon as I get it.
And....Here it is in its lovely home!
Have a great weekend!
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